Scruton The Home Builders

Starting Out

Scruton The Home Builders didn’t start out building new homes for sale, it was war damage repair work way back in 1942 that set William Arthur Scruton (a Hull born joiner) and Jack Stanton (a bricklayer) on the road to building.

Post war, Arthur Scruton embraced the council house building programme of the 1950s and created many of Hull’s large estates.

Bernard Scruton, the second generation, took his team into the private house building market, and the family have focused their attention on delivering well designed and built new homes on private developments throughout the area.

Scruton The Home Builders Today

Today, Scruton The Home Builders focus on designing sites in popular and desirable locations where their local knowledge helps secure their schemes.

Innovative design, not run of the mill housing, excites and encourages the Scruton family to pass on their enthusiasm to their architects and partners to build new homes that stand out - inside and out.

Scruton The Home Builders specifications are generous, with many high quality features provided as standard in a Scruton home and, where possible, the company buy from and employ local businesses and tradespeople to deliver their homes.

Visit SCRUTON.CO.UK over the coming months and look out for the new and exciting developments Scruton The Home Builders have in the pipeline for 2015/16, ensuring that they continue to provide quality homes in Hull and East Yorkshire.

Ian Scruton, the third generation, has been running the business since 1988, and is looking forward to welcoming the fourth generation of his family into the Scruton The Home Builder business soon.